4 Ways To Be A Great Leader

Posted by on Mar 11, 2018 in Education | 0 comments

Being a great leader is very important, some people are born with it, but most often, it is taught. If you didn’t think it could be taught, then you’d be wrong. Becoming a great leader can give yourself freedom. Freedom as in you would never have to keep a close eye on your workers, or always have to look over their shoulders. This is perfect, especially if your work takes up most of your time, and any extra time is not spent re-teaching something.


Now, this seems like an obvious one, but what this is always the first to go when leading. Listening not only give others the impression that you care, but you’d be surprised at how someone else’s advice might give you an insight that you yourself haven’t thought about. Whether you are a boss, or building your team so you can be boss, the best way to get people to work hard for you and trust and respect you, is it listen to them.

Lead Less 

Like that old Chinese proverb, “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”. If you have taught, or others have taught how to do something, it doesn’t do well to look over their shoulders. If they have been taught well through personal and life coaching, then they should be able to do the work on their own, because there is nothing worse than always having your boss stop by just to make sure you are doing your job properly. A good leader doesn’t even really need to lead, they teach their co-workers or employees as if they know what they are doing and they trust that the work needed to be done is being done.

Give Back To The Community 

The best way to show a good example is to show your team where and how to be a good leader themselves and how to do that is to get everyone involved with the community. Community involvement can lead to even greater things, it shows the neighboring communities that you can guide and lead a team that gets involved to help make where they live better. Plus, it is a great team building exercise.

Push On Excellence

Encouragement goes a long way, if someone is doing an excellent job, you should compliment them. This is one trick we learnt from corporate executive coaching. A compliment can have much more effect than you know, it can lead to better performance, and the desire to constantly strive for more compliments. If they are almost striving on perfect work, maybe give them tips and advice on how to do a better more efficient job, not all the time, but whenever they seem to need a little guidance.

There are many great ways to be a leader, you just need to find the best way that not only suits you, but the people you will be leading. You don’t want to shadow too much, because remember, you have other stuff to do too. But just make sure, to have some fun and make everyone else feel involved too.

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