Key Things To Know About Autism

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Autism affects 1 out of 68 kids, which means that this affects hundreds of thousands of families. The one thing you notice is that families, with children or adults with autism, do not love them any less. It is not easy and some roads can be harder than others.

So don’t know what  Autism is, here are a few facts about autism

The Spectrum

There is a spectrum for autism. This means there is not just one type of autism, there are multiple types of autism. It ranges from fully functional, to someone how needs help for almost everything. Depending on where they fall on the spectrum, the more money it will cost to raise someone with autism. The average estimated cost for a family with a child with autism is $60,000 a year.

Autism Is Growing

There is no direct scientific connection to how people get autism, but what we do know is that autism is growing. More and more children are getting autism, and with this increase, many people have come up with their own theories on how people get autism, but without any concrete scientific evidence,  we can’t pinpoint it. What we do know, is that boys are more likely to become autistic than girls, according to a new survey, boys are 5 times more likely to get autism, in comparison to girls.

Things Take Time

If a child can not speak now, that does not mean that they will not speak in the future. It will take a lot of hard work and perseverance because they should be exposed to the outside world, but depending on where they fall on the spectrum, at first it might be really hard. They could have a tantrum, they could not like loud noises, they could have allergies to certain foods, or animals, etc. So these obstacles will make it a little bit harder to integrate them at first, but if you continue to do so, you will notice a change.

Sadly, there is no cure for autism, nor does anyone have any clue to know where it begins, or how people get autism. It can be very hard, especially if you have no help, but it can be managed. Autism sounds like a scary word, but it can be lovely, you might understand how far you will go for your family, or children. For more information, speak to Think Organise Do, they can answer all your main questions, including what is ADHD and facts about autism.

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