The Student Loan Crisis

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Finance, Video | Comments Off on The Student Loan Crisis

Student debt can indeed be a huge crisis for those who take up loans for education. As the cost of colleges keeps skyrocketing, more and more students find themselves facing this problem. Getting a job is not always possible immediately after college. This video takes a look at the student debt crisis and how to take up a call for action. The issue is highlighted through the stories of different students in the video. The family background of each student is different and many of them have seen education or the lack of it through their parents’ eyes. The decision to go to a reputed college was a leap of faith for many.

Financial planning is very important for the future of both homes and individuals. People are generally focused on making money, but not much on saving it. There are several examples of situations where people do not have a mindset to manage money. The essential message of this video is effective money management. It is important to start early and know how to plan the spending and saving of money. One must know how much percentage of money is spent, and how much is under savings. These ratios have been explained in this video. Unfortunately, very few people actually make this into a practice. Money in terms of stocks, mutual funds and other savings can work in the long.

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