What To Wear On A First Date

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Deciding what to wear on a first date can either take a while, or can take 10 minutes. Either way, there are rules and dress codes you might need to follow, depending on where the date will be. Here is a breakdown of what to wear, when you wear if you are struggling to find that perfect outfit.

For Women

Now, for women, sometimes this can be a nightmare, first off, women normally have more clothes than men and sometimes it can be a struggle to find the right outfit, it might even take you several tries, and that is fine! If you are going somewhere causal, like the movies or just going for a coffee, it can be as easy as wearing jeans and a t-shirt. If you are a person that loves to dress up, dress up, look nice! If you know what you want to wear and what you feel comfortable wearing, do it, be yourself! If you are going for dinner, or drinks in a fancy place, you can still be comfortable, but maybe instead of the jeans and t-shirt, wear a nice top with a skirt, or some dress pants. Just as easy and comfortable, but you will look classy and fancy for the location of where you are going. But no matter where you go, always bring a light sweater, just in case you end up outside for a nice romantic stroll.

For Men

For men, this can be much easier. If you are going somewhere casual, you can take the same approach as the women, you can go in jeans and a t-shirt. There are plenty of options for men to be casual, or come in a relaxed manner, you can either come in a pullover/sweater with a nice watch and some comfy, but still socially appropriate pants. If you are going to a fancier restaurant, or going out for drinks after work at a nicer place, you can always wear a work suit, or a button up shirt, with a blazer and some nice pants.

Whatever you wear should reflect on what you like to wear, because a first date can turn into a second date. You always want to look good to impress, but make sure to keep it true to you! Whatever you wear, or wherever you go, make sure it is somewhere you like to go, because a certain crowd can often mean that those are the types of places you would like to also go in the future, or on future dates! So whether you met your date at a speed dating in Brisbane over 40 or through We Click – the best speed dating in Melbourne – always dress to impress.

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